Interview with Jana Sormova

What is your name and how old are you?
Hi, my name is Jana Šormová and I am 43.

Do you enjoy working in our team WagamingMamas?
Yes I do enjoy myself a lot.

What are your responsibilities in the team?
More sophisticated miniatures and their details.

How difficult was to learn how to paint miniatures?
I ´ve been drawing for years, My daughter studies graphic design she obviously takes after me.

How does painting help you overcome you handicap?
I do like painting and the work fulfills me.

You've done several painting projects already. Which project or single miniature are you personally proud of?
I´ve done Roboute Guilliman under Livi´s observation that I am personally proud of.

What miniature would you like to paint, or work with?.
FW Bloodthirster - Greater Deamon of Khorne or Horus Warmaster Primarch

Each one of you is somehow handicapped. Do you help each other, do you support each other?
Yep we do help each other and support each other of course.

What is your greatest strength or weakness?
I am pretty good in details cuz I am precise.

What cheers you up at work?
Positive feedback from our clients.

Do you have anyone you go for advice?
I go to Livi for advices regarding to our work.

What question do you hate to answer?
I´d rather not answer to questions about my weight. :D

Do you have message for beginning miniature painters?
It is not only about painting minis. You need patience and you need to be enthusiastic, at least as much as me :-D